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        int write_file(string file, string str)
        int write_file(string file, string str, int flags)
        int write_file(string file, string str, int flags, string encoding)

        Append the string <str> to the file <file>. Returns 1 for success
        and 0 if any failure occurred.

        If <flags> is 1, the file is removed first; thus making the
        'append' effectively an 'overwrite'. Default for <flags> is 0.

        <encoding> denotes the encoding to be used for saving the string
        in the file. If it is not given or 0, the H_FILE_ENCODING driver
        hook will be used.

        LDMud 3.3.523 added the <flags> parameter.
        LDMud 3.6.0 added the <encoding> parameter.

        file_size(E), write_bytes(E), write_file(E), read_file(E),
        read_bytes(E), rm(E), get_dir(E), hooks(C)

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