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        int execute_command(string command, object origin, object player)

        Low-level access to the command parser: take the <command>, parse it
        into verb and argument and call the appropriate action added to
        <origin> (read: <origin> is the object 'issuing' the command).
        For the execution of the function(s), this_player() is set to
        player. The function also sets results of query_command() and
        query_verb() to match the given <command>.

        The result is non-0 if the command was found and execute, and 0

        The efun raises a privilege violation ("execute_command",
        this_object(), origin, command).

        Note that this function does not use the H_MODIFY_COMMAND
        and H_NOTIFY_FAIL hooks; the notify_fail() efun is can be used,
        but must be evaluated by the caller.

        Introduced in LDMud 3.2.7.

        hooks(C), match_command(E), command(E), notify_fail(E),

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