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        #include <commands.h>

        mixed * command_stack(void)

        Return an array describing the current command stack. The array has
        command_stack_depth() entries, the first describing the top-level
        command, and the last describing the current one.

        Each entry is an array itself with these entries:

          string [CMD_VERB]:    the verb of this command
          string [CMD_TEXT]:    the full command text
          object [CMD_ORIGIN]:  the original command giver
          object [CMD_PLAYER]:  the current command giver
          mixed  [CMD_FAIL]:    the notify_fail setting (or 0).
          mixed  [CMD_FAILOBJ]: the object which set the notify_fail setting.

        CMD_ORIGIN and CMD_PLAYER are usually the same; there is a difference
        only if the modify_command hook changes the command giver with

        Note that any of the entries may be returned as 0.

        Introduced in LDMud 3.2.7.
        LDMud 3.2.8 added the CMD_FAILOBJ result.

        command(E), command_stack_depth(E), notify_fail(E)

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