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        = : prints current line
        a : append lines
        c : change, that is, delate, than insert
        d : delete line(s)
        E <filename> :  discard current buffer and edit the file named
        e <filename> : like e, but refuse if file has been changed
        f : print current filename
        f <filename> : set filename
        i : insert line(s)
        j : with no or one argument: join line with following line
        j : with two arguments : join line range given
        k<letter> : set mark <letter> to current line. <letter> must
                be in the range [a-z] . The mark can be used
                thereinafter as a line address, with a leading slash.
                (e.g. ka to set mark a, /ap to print marked line)
        l : print line with control characters
        <start>,<end>m<dest> : move block (lines from start to end)
                                behind line # dest
        <line>m<dest>        : move single line
        m<dest>                : move current line
        M : remove Ctrl-M (CR) characters.
        p : print line
        P : print line
        Q : quit, discarding the buffer
        q : the same, but refuse if file has been changed since last
        r : read in file. If no adress is given, at the last insert
            position, if also nothing was inserted, at the end of the
        s : substitute
        <start>,<end>t<dest>        : copy block ( lines from start to end )
                                  behind line position dest
        <line>t<dest>                : copy single line
        t<dest>                        : copy current line
        w : write file
        W : write file
        x : write file if buffer has been changed since last change,
            then quit
        z : show approx. a screenful of lines


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