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        This is the list of extended ed commands that Xio unearthed
        somewhere, thanks!

        a) never use 1,$p to print out an editfile, because you will
          be thrown out 'cause of too much text transfereed to you.

        b) $: jump to end of file.

        c) ?anything? and ?? : search from bottom to up. (like '/'
           from beginning to end of file. (also with substitutions,
           try out..)

        d) ( g/xxx/p search global xxx and print corresponding lines,
           /xxx/s/new/old/p : search xxx, substitute new to old in this
           line and print out. (try this concatenations with other

        e) 1,nmx ( see ed5 ) , but also: 1,ntx : don't move the lines,
           but make a copy of them.

        f) x,y w name : save lines x to y to file name (if you don't
           know the line numbers : '=' current line number)

        g) s/$/text/p : append text to the end of current LINE and
           print line

        h) s/^/text/p : insert text at beginning og current LINE and
           print line

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