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	object* find_livings(string str)

	Find all "living" objects in the table of livings, that
	have str as living name, set with set_living_name(). The
	objects to search for must also have called enable_commands().

	There is a special hash table that speeds up the search for
	such living objects (thus you cannot rely on the order of
	livings, if there are more than one with the same name).
	Player objects are usually the first element of the returned
	array (if there is any player with that living name).

	object *ob;
	ob = find_livings("wolf");

	Result: ({ [/human:wolf], [/npc/wolf#836] })

	find_living(S), match_living(S), find_player(S),
	enable_commands(E), set_living_name(S)

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