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        object present_clone(string str)
        object present_clone(string str, int n)
        object present_clone(string str, object env)
        object present_clone(string str, object env, int n)

        object present_clone(object obj)
        object present_clone(object obj, int n)
        object present_clone(object obj, object env)
        object present_clone(object obj, object env, int n)

        This efun searches the inventory of object <env> (default is 
        this_object()) for an object with a specific blueprint.
        The blueprint can be specified either by name <str>, or as the same
        blueprint as of object <obj>. The matching criteria in both cases is
        the load_name().
        If <n> is given, the <n>th object in <env> is returned (if present),
        otherwise the first object matching <str> or <obj>.
        If no object in <env> matches the criteria, 0 is returned.

        For plain driver this name starts with a '/', for COMPAT mode
        drivers it doesn't.

        Assume that object 'env' contains the objects /obj/money#8,
        /std/weapon#9, /std/weapon#12 and /obj/key in the given order.

        | Function call                                    | returns       |
        | present_clone("/obj/money", env)                 | /obj/money#8  |
        | present_clone("/std/weapon#12", env)             | /std/weapon#9 |
        | present_clone(find_object("/obj/money#14"), env) | /obj/money#8  |
        | present_clone("/obj/key#18", env)                | /obj/key      |
        | present_clone("/std/weapon#12", env, 2)          | /std/weapon#12|
        | present_clone("/std/weapon#12", env, 3)          | 0             |

        Note that in contrast to present(), this efun never searches
        in the environment of <env>.

        Introduced in 3.2.7.
        Searching for the <n>th object was added in 3.3.718.

        load_name(E), present(E)

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