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        int save_ed_setup(object who, int code)

        Save individual option settings of the builtin ed, encoded
        into code, for the user denoted by who. These functions are
        located in the master object so that the local gods can decide
        what strategy they want to use. suggestions:
        A setup file for every user.
                advantages:        transparent to the user
                                   independent of user count
                disadvantage:      extra file access at ed invocation
        An array in the master object, users are searched by member_array
                advantage:         easy to implement
                disadvantage:      performance degradation with high user counts
        An AVL-tree to access users by name
                advantage:         can fit any need
                disadvantage:      hard to implement, will need more
                                     overhead on small and medium
                                     installations than it can ever make
                                     good by lg(usercount) complexity
        Dedicated flags in every user object.
                advantages:        easy to implement
                                   independent of user count
                                   Will also work for nusers w/o file
                                     access privileges.
                disadvantage:      care has to be taken to avoid
                                     collision with other uses of the flags
                                     in the user object

        ed(E), retrieve_ed_setup(M), valid_write(M),

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