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        mixed heart_beat_error(object culprit, string err, string prg,
                               string curobj, int line, int caught)

        This function is called when a runtime error occurs while
        executing the heart_beat() function of the object culprit. prg
        is program where the actual error happened, in object curobj
        at the given line.

        At time of call, the heart_beat has been turned off.
        Return anything != 0 to restart the heart_beat in culprit.

        If culprit is a user, it should at least get the message "You
        have no heartbeat". A more advanced handling would destruct
        the offending object curobj and and allow the heartbeat to

        If the error is caught on a higher level, <caught> is non-zero;
        otherwise it is 0.

        Note that prg denotes the program actually executed (which
        might be an inherited one) whereas curobj is just the
        offending object.

        LDMud 3.2.12/3.3.705 added the <caught> argument.

        set_heart_beat(E), heart_beat(A), runtime_error(M)

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