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        mixed * tls_check_certificate(object obj)
        mixed * tls_check_certificate(object obj, int extra)

        tls_check_certificate() checks the certificate of the secured
        connection bound to <obj> (default is the current object).  If
        <obj> is not interactive, or if TLS is not available, an error
        is thrown.

        If <obj> doesn't have a secure connection up and running, an
        error is thrown.
        Otherwise, the result is an array with these values:

          int [0]   : Result code of SSL_get_verify_result (see 'man 1 verify',
                      subsection DIAGNOSTICS for possible values)
          array [1] : array with 3*n entries of extra x509 data.
                      structure is:
                         3*i    : numerical form of object name,
                                  e.g. ""
                         3*i + 1: long or short name if available,
                                  e.g. "commonName"
                         3*i + 2: value
          array [2] : if extra is set:
                         array with 3*n entries of x509 extension data
                         data structure is:
                         3*i    : numerical form of extension name
                         3*i + 1: long or short name of extension
                                  name if available
                         3*i + 2: array of strings with the data
                                  structure of [1]

        Note: An X509 certificate can have more than one object with
        the same name.

        Introduced in LDMud 3.3.672/3.2.11.
        LDMud 3.3.711/3.2.12 modified the behaviour to return the
        low-level API result value, and to throw an error if the connection
        is not secure.

        tls_init_connection(E), tls_deinit_connection(E), tls_error(E),
        tls_query_connection_state(E), tls_query_connection_info(E),
        tls_available(E), tls_refresh_certs(E), mudlib/psyc-tls.c

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