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        closure symbol_function(symbol arg)
        closure symbol_function(string arg)
        closure symbol_function(string arg, object|string ob)

        Constructs a lfun closure, efun closure or operator closure
        from the first arg (string or symbol). For lfuns, the second
        arg is the object that the lfun belongs to, specified by
        the object itself or by its name (the object will be loaded
        in the second case)

        If the closure is created for an lfun in an object other than
        the current object, the result is an 'alien lfun closure'. Such
        closures are bound to the object executing the symbol_function()
        (this is what to_object() will return), even though the actual
        code is in that other object (which get_type_info() will return).

        Private lfuns can never be accessed this way, static and
        protected lfuns only if <ob> is the current object.

        symbol_function("efun::users")          -> #'users
        symbol_function("QueryProp", other_obj) -> other_obj->QueryProp()

        Introduced in 3.2@70.

        lambda(E), quote(E)

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