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        int strrstr(string str, string str2)
        int strrstr(string str, string str2, int pos)
        int strrstr(bytes  str, bytes  str2)
        int strrstr(bytes  str, bytes  str2, int pos)

        Returns the index of the first occurance of <str2> in <str> searching
        from position <pos> (default: -1 == string end) on backward.
        In other words: the index of the last occurance of <str2> before
        the given position <pos>.

        The returned index is relativ to the beginning of the string.

        If <str2> is not found in <str>, -1 is returned.

        If <pos> is negativ, it designates the start position relative
        to the end of the string (the search will still proceed towards
        the beginning of the string).

        Introduced in LDMud 3.2.10.

        strstr(E), strlen(E), sscanf(E), sprintf(E), explode(E)

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