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        object snoop(object snooper)
        object snoop(object snooper, object snoopee)

        Starts a snoop from 'snooper' on 'snoopee', or if 'snoopee' is not
        given, terminates any snoop from 'snooper'.

        Return <snoopee> on success, or 0 for a failure (including snooping

        The snoop is checked with the master object for validity.  It
        will also fail if a snoop would result in a recursive snoop

        <snooper> can be an interactive player, or an object. If it is
        an interactive player, the snooped text is prepended with a
        '%' and send directly to the players connection. If <snooper>
        is an object, the snooped text is sent in two calls to the
        object's catch_tell() lfun: the first call passes just the
        "%" (plus the prompt if the object changed it), the second the
        actual text.

        query_snoop(E), catch_tell(A)

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