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        mixed * sl_exec(string statement, ...)

        Executes the SQL statement <statement> for the current
        SQLite database. The SQL statement may contain wildcards like
        '?' and '?nnn', where 'nnn' is an integer. These wildcards
        can be given as further parameters to sl_exec. With '?nnn'
        the number of a specific parameter can be given, the first
        parameter has number 1.

        If the statement returns data, sl_exec returns an array
        with each row (which is itself an array of columns) as 
        an element.

        Pragma statements raise a privilege_violation ("sqlite_pragma",
        ob, name, value). If the privilege is denied, an error is

        The function is available only if the driver is compiled with
        SQLite support. In that case, __SQLITE__ is defined.

        Added in LDMud 3.3.713.

        sl_open(E), sl_insert_id(E), sl_close(E)

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