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        int set_next_reset(int delay)

        Instruct the gamedriver to reset this object not earlier than
        in <delay> seconds. If a negative value is given as delay, the object
        will never reset (useful for blueprints). If 0 is given, the
        object's reset time is not changed.

        Result is the former delay to the objects next reset (which can be
        negative if the reset was overdue).

        Note that the actual time the reset occurs depends on when
        the object will be used after the given time delay.

        set_next_reset(15*60); // Next reset in 15 Minutes or later
        set_next_reset(0)      --> just returns the time until the
                                   next reset.

        Introduced in LDMud 3.2.6, adapted from Morgengrauen.


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