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        string save_value(mixed value)
        string save_value(mixed value, int format)

        Encode the <value> into a string suitable for restoration with
        restore_value() and return it.

        The optional <format> argument determines the format of the savefile
        to be written:

           -1: use the driver's native format (default).
            0: original format, used by Amylaar LPMud and LDMud <= 3.2.8 .
            1: LDMud >= 3.2.9: no-lambda closures, symbols, quoted arrays
                 can be saved.
            2: LDMUd >= 3.5.0: floats are stored in a different way, which is
                 more compact and can store the new floats losslessly.

        It is recommended to use version 2 or higher.

        The created string consists of two lines, each terminated with
        a newline character: the first line describes the format used to
        save the value in the '#x:y' notation; the second line is the
        representation of the value itself.

        The format of the encoded value and of the format line matches
        the format used by save_object() and restore_object().

        Introduced in LDMud 3.2.8.
        LDMud 3.2.9 added the saving of non-lambda closures, symbols,
          and quoted arrays, using the new savefile format version 1.
        LDMud 3.2.10 added the <format> argument.
        LDMud 3.5.0 added savefile format version 2.
        restore_value(E), restore_object(E), save_object(E)

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