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        int rename(string from, string to)


        The efun rename() will move from to the new name to. If from
        is a file, then to may be either a file or a directory. If
        from is a directory, then to has to be a directory. If to
        exists and is a directory, then from will be placed in that
        directory and keep its original name.

        You must have write permission for from to rename the file.

        It is only possible to change name of a directory within a
        directory on machines running System V, i.e. it is not
        possible to move to another directory. It is not possible to
        move a directory across filesystems on any system.

        On successfull completion rename() will return 0. If any error
        occurs, a non-zero value is returned.

        rename("/players/wizard/obj.c", "/players/wizard/newobj.c");

        copy_file(E), mkdir(E), rmdir(E), rm(E)

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