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        int remove_input_to(object player)
        int remove_input_to(object player, string fun)
        int remove_input_to(object player, closure fun)
        int remove_input_to(object player, object fun)
        int remove_input_to(object player, object ob, string fun)

        Remove a pending input_to from the interactive <player> object.
        If the optional <fun> is not given, the most recently added input_to
        is removed.

        If the optional <fun> is given, the efun tries to find and remove the
        most recently added input_to matching the <fun> argument:
         - <fun> is a string: the input_to functionname has to match
         - <fun> is an object: the object the input_to function is bound to
                               has to match
         - <fun> is a closure: the input_to closure has to match.
         - <ob> and <fun> are given: both the object and the functionname
                               have to match

        Return 1 on success, or 0 on failure (no input_to found, object is
        not interactive or has no input_to pending).

        Remove all pending input_to from the current user, if any.
            while (remove_input_to(this_interactive())) ;

        Introduced in LDMud 3.2.9 / 3.3.119.

        input_to(E), find_input_to(E), input_to_info(E), query_input_pending(E)

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