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        #include <regexp.h>

        int regexp_package()

        Return which regexp package is used by default:

          RE_TRADITIONAL: traditional regexps
          RE_PCRE:        PCRE

        As the package can be selected at runtime through the
        REGEXP_PACKAGE driver hook, there is no good way to determine
        the package at LPC compile time.
        Match the pattern <pattern> (interpreted according to <opt> if
        given) against all strings in list, and return a new array with all
        strings that matched.

        If there is an error in the regular expression, a runtime
        error will be raised.

        string strs;
        string pattern;
        if (regexp_package() == RE_PCRE)
            pattern = "\\<help\\>.*\\<me\\>";
            pattern = "\\bhelp\\b.*\\bme\\b";

        if (strs = regexp(({"please, help me Sir John."}), pattern)) {
            if (sizeof(strs)
                write("It matches.\n");

        The regular expression will test the given string (which is
        packed into an array) if there is something like "help ... me"
        inside of it.

        Introduced in LDMud 3.3.634.

        regexp(E), regexplode(E), regmatch(E), regreplace(E), sscanf(E),
        regexp(C), regexp_package(H)

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