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        #include <commands.h>
        #include <sent.h>

        mixed * query_actions(object ob, mixed mask_or_verb)

        query_actions takes either an object or a filename as first
        argument and a bitmask (int) or string as a second argument.
        If the second argument is a string, query_actions() will return
        an array containing information (see below) on the verb or
        zero if the living object "ob" cannot use the verb. If the
        second argument is a bitmask, query_actions() will return a
        flat array containing information on all verbs added to ob.
        The second argument is optional (default is QA_VERB).
            QA_VERB       ( 1):  the verb
            QA_TYPE       ( 2):  type
            QA_SHORT_VERB ( 4):  short_verb
            QA_OBJECT     ( 8):  object
            QA_FUNCTION   (16): function

        "type" is one of the values defined in <sent.h> 
        (which is provided with the parser source).

        SENT_PLAIN        added with add_action (fun, cmd);
        SENT_SHORT_VERB   added with add_action (fun, cmd, AA_SHORT);
        SENT_NO_SPACE     added with add_action (fun, AA_NOSPACE);
        SENT_MARKER       internal, won't be in the returned array
        negative value: The verb given by the player has to match only
          the leading -<value> characters of the action's verb.

        add_action(E), init(A)

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