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        object* objects()
        object* objects(int pos)
        object* objects(int pos, int num)
        object* objects(object prev_ob)
        object* objects(object prev_ob, int num)

        Returns an array of objects from the global object list.

        The first three forms will return objects starting
        with position <pos> (or the first object, if <pos> was
        not given).

        The fourth and fifth form will start with the object
        following <prev_ob> in the object list.

        The efun will return at most <num> objects if <num> was
        given, otherwise all remaining objects. If the number of
        objects exceeds the maximum array size, an error is thrown.

        Introduced in LDMud 3.5.0.

        dump_driver_info(E), driver_info(E), object_info(E)

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