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        #include <comm.h>
        int net_connect(string host, int port)

        Open a non-blocking TCP network connection to <host> and
        <port>.  On success, the connection is bound to the current
        object and the lfun logon() is called in the object.

        Returns one of the following values:
          NC_SUCCESS        Success
          NC_EUNKNOWNHOST   the host address could not be resolved
          NC_ENOSOCKET      error during socket creation
          NC_ENOBIND        socket could not be bound
          NC_ENOCONNECT     socket could not be connected
        (Details of the last three errors can be found in the driver's error
          NC_ECONNREFUSED   remote host not listening/refusing
          NC_EMCONN         too many pending connections (transient, try
                            again later)
          NC_ENORESSOURCES  insufficient system ressources (transient, try
                            again later)

        If the driver is configured to support IPv6, <host> is first
        interpreted as IPv6 hostname. If that fails, <host> is then
        interpretd as IPv4 hostname.

        If the connection can't be established immediately, the efun
        returns 'success' and the driver will check in the background
        for the progress of the connection. When it is established,
        logon() will be called in the object. If the connection fails,
        logon(-1) will be called in the object.

        The efun raises a privilege violation ("net_connect", host, port).

        A non-blocking connect() doesn't imply a non-blocking
        forward name resolution. If you provide a hostname instead
        of an IP address to connect to, the driver will block until
        the name is resolved. This may be an issue, depending on how
        fast your nameserver replies. Non-blocking forward DNS
        resolution can currently only be achieved using ERQ_LOOKUP.

        First version 1992 by Snake and LynX for Nemesis.
        Improved 1993 by Junky.
        Added to LDMud 3.2.10.


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