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        mixed * m_values(mapping map)
        mixed * m_values(mapping map, int index)

        Returns an array with the values of mapping 'map'.
        If <index> is given as a number between 0 and the width of
        the mapping, the values from the given column are returned,
        else the values of the first column.

        mapping m = ([ "foo":1;2;3, "bar":4;5;6, "baz":7;8;9 ])
        m_values(m)     --> returns ({ 1, 4, 7 }) or some permutation thereof
        m_values(m, 0)  --> returns ({ 1, 4, 7 }) (ditto)
        m_values(m, 1)  --> returns ({ 2, 8, 9 }) (ditto)

        Note that exact order of the values in the resulting arrays is not
        specified, and may vary after any change to the mapping. The only
        guarantee given is that if m_indices() and m_values() are taken at the
        same time, the order of both results is identical.

        mappingp(E), mkmapping(E), m_indices(E), m_add(E), m_delete(E),
        sizeof(E), widthof(E), unmkmapping(E)

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