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        #include <rtlimits.h>

        mixed limited(closure fun)
        mixed limited(closure fun, int tag, int value, ...)
        mixed limited(closure fun, int *limits)
        mixed limited(closure fun, int *limits, mixed *args)

        Call the function <fun> with any given <args> as parameters,
        and execute it with the given runtime limits.

        After the function exits, the currently active limits are restored.
        Result of the efun is the result of the closure call.

        The runtime limits can be given in two ways: as an array (like the
        one returned from query_limits(), or as a list of tagged values.  If
        the efun is used without any limit specification, all limits are
        supposed to be 'unlimited'.

        The limit settings recognize three special values:
            LIMIT_UNLIMITED: the limit is deactivated
            LIMIT_KEEP:      the former setting is kept
            LIMIT_DEFAULT:   the 'global' default setting is used.

        For LIMIT_COST, the special values have these meaning:
            LIMIT_UNLIMITED: at maximum 1 tick is accounted
            LIMIT_KEEP:      LIMIT_COST is set to 0
            LIMIT_DEFAULT:   LIMIT_COST is set to -100

        The efun causes a privilege violation ("limited", current_object,
        fun, limits-array).

          --> executes function with no limits at all

        limited(#'function, ({ 200000 }), "foo")
          --> executes function with an eval_cost limit of 200000, and
              calls function as <function>("foo").

        limited(lambda(0, ({#'function, "foo"})), LIMIT_EVAL, 200000)
          --> executes function with an eval_cost limit of 200000, and
              calls function as <function>("foo").

        Introduced in LDMud 3.2.7.
        LDMud 3.3.563 introduced LIMIT_COST.
        LDMud 3.3.677 introduced LIMIT_MAPPING_KEYS, LIMIT_MAPPING_SIZE.
        LDMud 3.5.0 introduced LIMIT_MEMORY.

        query_limits(E), set_limits(E)

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