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        string * last_instructions(int length, int verbose)

        Returns an array showing the 'length' last executed
        instructions in disassembled form. If 'verbose' is non-zero
        (the default), line number information are also included.
        Each string is built as this:

          Opcode-Address: Opcode Operand Mnemonic (Stackdepth) Linenumber

        The Stackdepth information consists of two numbers <rel>:<abs>:
        <rel> is the relative stack usage in this function, <abs> is the
        absolute stack usage.

        The linenumber information is appended if requested and a new
        source line is reached. Also, calls between objects produce a

          Objectname Programname Linenumber

        entry in the resulting array (in verbose mode only).

        There is a preconfigured upper limit for the backtrace.

        Introduced in 3.2.1@34.
        The absolute stack depth information was added in LDMud 3.2.8.


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