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        #include <functionlist.h>
        #include <lpctypes.h>

        mixed * functionlist(object ob, int flags)

        Returns an array with information about <ob>s lfunctions. For every
        function, 1 to 4 values (depending on <flags>) are stored in
        the result array conveying in this order:
          - the name of the function
          - the function flags (see below)
          - the return type (listed in <lpctypes.h>)
          - the number of accepted argumens

        <ob> may be given as true object or as a filename. In the latter
        case, the efun does not try to load the object before proceeding.

        <flags> determines both which information is returned for every
        function, and which functions should be considered at all.
        Its value is created by bin-or'ing together following flags from

          Control of returned information:
            RETURN_FUNCTION_NAME    include the function name
            RETURN_FUNCTION_FLAGS   include the function flags
            RETURN_FUNCTION_TYPE    include the return type
            RETURN_FUNCTION_NUMARG  include the number of arguments.

            The name RETURN_FUNCTION_ARGTYPE is defined but not implemented.

          Control of listed functions:
            NAME_INHERITED      don't list if defined by inheritance
            TYPE_MOD_STATIC     don't list if static function
            TYPE_MOD_PRIVATE    don't list if private
            TYPE_MOD_PROTECTED  don't list if protected
            NAME_HIDDEN         don't list if not visible through inheritance

        The 'flags' information consists of the bin-or of the list control
        flags given above, plus the following:

            TYPE_MOD_VARARGS    function takes varargs
            NAME_UNDEFINED      function not defined yet, but referenced.
            NAME_CROSS_DEFINED  function is defined to be in a different program
            TYPE_MOD_NO_MASK    function is nomask
            TYPE_MOD_PUBLIC     function is public

        inherit_list(E), function_exists(E), variable_list(E),

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