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        int binary_message(int *|bytes message, int flags)

        Flush output and send output directly with write WITHOUT IAC QUOTING.
        The message may contain zeroes if given as int *.
        The messages goes to this_object(), but only if interactive.
        return value: number of characters actually written.
        Any 'allowed charset' setting is ignored.

        Flag settings are interpreted bitwise and may be ored
        together (only for clients not using MCCP compression):

          Bit 0 (value 1): when set, add_message() is used instead of
            write(). Thus no previous flushing of the buffer is
            needed, but the output is not immediate, nor can the
            number of bytes actually sent be determined - the return
            value is undefined.
          Bit 1 (value 2): The buffer is flushed _after_ adding the
            message. Useful only in conjunction with Bit 0.

        The idea behind the flag settings is that sending command
        codes for colours and other things needs to bypass the allowed
        charset filters, but isn't important enough to waste bandwith
        on a synchronous transmission.

        Introduced in 3.2.1@40.
        Argument 'flags' introduced in 3.2.1@60.


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