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        int attach_erq_demon(object ob,     int do_close)
        int attach_erq_demon(string obname, int do_close)

        This privileged efun is to set/change the connection of the
        driver to the external erq demon, thus in effect changing the

        The connection of the given interactive 'ob'ject is taken away(!)
        from it and stored as the erq-connection. The object itself is
        then no longer needed, but may stay alive - it is just another
        non-interactive object then.

        In the second form, the string will be combined as suffix to
        the filename ERQFILE<obname>, which is then the binary to be
        forked off as new erq demon. The communication with this erq
        will take place over unix domain sockets. ERQFILE defaults to
        BINDIR/erq, where BINDIR is the configuration value for the
        executable directory.

        If there is alreay an erq demon connected to the driver, the
        function will fail unless 'do_close' (default 0) is specified
        as 1 (or any other odd integer): then the old connection will
        be closed before attaching the new.
        The efun returns 1 on success, else 0.

        To restart the (default) erq, write in
        master.c::stale_erq(closure c):
          attach_erq_demon("", 0);

        Introduced in 3.2.1@61.

        send_erq(E), erq(C)

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